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Terms of Service


This website is operated by ChamsSwitch Ltd., the Company that powers the Naira.com solution. By visiting our site herein, you engage in our "Service" and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. These Terms of Service apply to all registered User s on the site, without excluding browsers. Please read these Terms of Service carefully before accessing or using our website. By accessing or using any part of the site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.


  • Chamsswitch recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of all information provided by a registered customer on Naira.com. This statement is meant to affirm our utmost respect for your rights to privacy.
  • This Privacy Policy describes the User’s privacy rights regarding Naira.com transactions. It applies to our website and all linked sites, applications and tools irrespective of medium through which you access them.
  • The User acknowledges that Chamsswitch may verify their identity information through publicly and/or restricted government databases in order to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • The User accept that Chamsswitch shall have the right to monitor their account usage and may disclose personal information to local law enforcement or investigative agencies or any competent regulatory or governmental agencies to assist in the prevention, detection or prosecution of money laundering activities, fraud or other criminal activities.
  • The User accept that In the event that a purchase was made with a debit or a credit card, it shall be rightly presumed that the purchaser is the card owner/holder or possess the authority of the Card owner/holder to make such purchase.
  • The User accept that ChamsSwitch shall not be liable for any loss, claim, action, expense; damage or injury suffered or sustained by the Card owner/holder whatsoever and howsoever pursuant to entering into this Agreement or as a result of the Card owner/holder’s negligence with his/her card.
  • Chamsswitch employees who handle any personal information are under an obligation to treat it confidentially and may not disclose it to un-authorised third parties.
  • If we need the User’s information for any other reason such as marketing, we will expressly ask or provide the User with an option to decline.
  • After the User has given His/her consent, He or She may for any reason change their mind; they are allowed to withdraw their consent for the use of their information.


  • After a profile has been created and activated, the registered User shall be able to initiate the following transactions;
    1. Debit any customer’s Bank debit card
    2. Any other service that may be introduced by Chamsswitch from time to time
  • Chamsswitch does not warrant that all functionalities shall be available at all times and may withdraw any functionality on the Naira.com solution in general as a direct result of new or amended legislation, statutory requirements or Government regulations, policies or any other compelling reasons
  • Chamsswitch may provide additional functionalities on the Naira.com menu following integration with platforms of Financial Institutions and other entities providing you with specified services. Such functionalities may give you limited access to platforms of the financial institution or other entities. By using such functionality to gain access to other platforms, you hereby agree to indemnify Chamsswitch against and hold Chamsswitch harmless from any losses arising from access to such external platforms.
  • In event of any review of our business plans, technical, public interest or operational reasons, changes within the industry, recommendation from regulatory bodies or similar events, Chamsswitch may vary Terms and Conditions or policies affecting usage and shall notify you of such changes through appropriate means. Your continued usage of Naira.com service shall be deemed to be acceptance of all such varied terms and conditions or policies.


  • You are responsible for the payment of all applicable fees associated with using any product on Naira.com as contained in the applicable fee section of various products.
  • All fees are deductible at source and are subject to change at any time at Chamsswitch's discretion.
  • Except as may otherwise be notified, fees are inclusive of all applicable taxes including Value Added Tax at the applicable rates.


  • We take utmost precautions to ensure your personal information are protected. We follow Industry best practices to restrict misuse or unauthorized disclosure.
  • Your credit card information used for transactions on this platform is encrypted. There is no fool proof method of security but we follow Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards ensuring industry standards are met.


  • Chamsswitch reserves the rights at its sole discretion to suspend or terminate the agreement if you use Naira.com account for unauthorized purposes.
  • Chamsswitch may be compelled by law to suspend and or freeze your Naira.com Account or decline to execute your transaction request if there are reasonable grounds an account has been or is being or may be used in connection with any criminal or fraudulent activity.
  • You may request your account to be closed by giving a written e-mail notice to: info@chamsswitch.com or support@chamsswitch.com


  • Chamsswitch reserves the rights at its sole discretion to suspend or terminate the agreement if you use Naira.com account for unauthorized purposes.